The First Veterans' Court in Texas Coming to Harris County

                                                                                                                                                                         Judge Marc Carter, a United States Army veteran, and presiding judge of the 228th District Court of Harris County, will add to his judicial duties.  He will be presiding over a new Veterans’ Court Program in Harris County, that will be the first of its kind in Texas. The goal of this court will be to give a second chance to veterans facing criminal charges. 

The court will aid veterans who turn to drugs or alcohol because of a brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder related to combat. The Harris County Commissioner’s Court approved a six-month pilot of the veterans’ court earlier this month, that will assist honorably discharged veterans or current members of the military who suffer from mental illness, mental disorder and/or substance abuse because of their military service. In order to be eligible for the pilot court a felony or misdemeanor defendant must be probation eligible and want treatment. The probation will require a defendant to undergo six months of treatment for substance abuse or mental illness at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston.

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Early Starting Houston Criminal Courts

Anyone that has been to the Harris Criminal Justice knows what a madhouse it is between the 8:30 and 9:00 a.m.  That is why I enjoy that a few courts in the courthouse start earlier then 9 am.  This is beneficial for both my clients and me. It allows me to properly space out my day.  I know that I will be in the earlier starting courts first.  My clients know that I will be going to their court promptly and they are likely to be first ones to leave the courthouse.  Also, they get to avoid most of the chaos that occurs in the morning  There are two misdemeanor courts that start at 8:30 a.m.  These courts are the County Criminal Court at Law #4 where Judge James Anderson presides, and County  Criminal Court at. Law #15 where Jean Hughes presides.  The felony courts that also start at 8:30 are the 262nd District Court where Judge Mike Anderson presides, the 228th District Court where Judge Marc Carter presides, the 232nd District Court where Judge Mary Lou Keel presides, the 183rd District Court where Judge Vanessa Velasquez presides.  Judge Larry Standley who presides over County Criminal Court at Law #6 starts his docket at 9:30. 

If at least one court in each of the floors would adjusts the starting times to before or after 9 am a lot of the difficulties that public encounters in the mornings for court would be alleviated.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer enjoy running

Everyone enjoys some type of diversion in life.  Some people like to read or play music to "get away."  The Houston Marathon is next month and I have come across various criminal lawyers at the Harris Criminal Justice Center  that  are in training for or have done a marathon. There are all types of runners at the courthouse.  Some are new at running, others are slow and some are fast, but they all like to run for that special feeling that running a long distance does for them.

While I have done several marathons in the past this year my wife and I have opted for a half marathon.  Fellow criminal lawyer, Tom Radosevich, recently had the best time for his age group in a local long distance race. .  John Boone, chief of the Check Fraud division, has the best Houston Marathon time that I know of at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.  Judge Marc Carter and his family are all avid runners. Rick Trevathan can recount how he ran one of the first Houston Marathons.

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