A Happy Ending To A Houston Felony Case...

I am going to preface this blog entry by saying that I am not one to typically brag about myself on this blog, but this case warrants a mention.  As a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, I hate to admit that most of my clients do not stay in touch with me until they need my help again or someone they know needs my help.  Today, I was fortunate enough to receive some uplifting news from a former client's mother.  Her son made both of us proud after he was able to secure a three year worldwide modeling contract.  Previously, I was able to get a very favorable outcome on his felony case.  This is one of the many reasons that I chose my profession to help others. 

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

As a Houston Criminal Defense lawyer I look forward to my next trial.  However, after a year of going to court and trying cases I now look forward toward to my docket slowing down.  Typically this happens on the last two weeks of December since this is the only time that since jury summons are not mailed out during this time of the year.  For this reason, I try to catch up on the things I neglect throughout the year.  For example, I try to schedule as many doctor appointments as I can during this time and take my longest vacation of the year.

Once the new year starts it is a different story.  The month of January is already full for me with trials.  I have at least one case set for trial each week of the month, if not more.  Luckily, I try to avoid both myself and my business partner being in trial at the same time so we do not neglect our otter clients.  At The Martinez Law Firm we appreciate that our clients do not want to be waiting around all morning when they could be back at work.  It never fails that the first two weeks of January are go, go, go since the courts have delayed trials from end of the previous year.

Why Do Innocent People Confess?

As a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer I am always amazed when innocent people confess to crimes that they did not commit.  Many of friends find it unbelievable that this happens and think that is just me being a defense attorney.  The innocence project provides some insight into this dilemma.  I hope that after reading this article more people will have an open mind that an innocent person may provide a false confession to a crime that they did not commit.

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Should I Talk To The Houston Police?

When someone calls our law firm asking whether they should talk to the police in a criminal investigation I always tell them it is never in their best interest to talk to the police.  Typically, the person is concerned about what may happen if they talk to the police especially if they do not speak English.  This is one of the easiest answers I can give as a criminal defense lawyer in Houston.  NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE!  I realize that the answer is counter intuitive to most people, but it is blunt and easier to understand. If you do not believe me watch this video where a law school professor and former criminal defense attorney explains our 5th amendment privilege in great detail.  Even the police officer that follows him in the lecture completely agrees with everything he said.

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Houston Criminal Attorney...Less Running Means Less Blogging

I have mentioned about all the Houston Criminal Attorneys that run.  Personally, I have slowed down on my blogging since we have been in trial and not running as much.  Since the weather is heating up and I thoroughly enjoy running during the warmer months I am confident that my blogging will increase.  During the past year I have noticed that I get a lot of blogging ideas while running so I anticipate that my blogging will increase as I run more.

Harris County,Texas Jail Conditions Not Improving

As a Houston criminal defense Lawyer I am always concerned with our local jail conditions. While Adrian Garcia has not been Sheriff of Harris County, Texas long,  the conditions of his jail are not improving according to Inspectors. It has been a continuous battle to improve the jail conditions in Harris County, Texas.  Hopefully, Sheriff Garcia will make some improvements soon.

The inspectors also found that courtroom holdover cells are packed beyond capacity.  This is evident to any practicing Houston criminal defense attorney.  Routinely, courts are unable to have all the defendants that are in jail make their morning docket.  Nothing is more frustrating to a person expecting to go to court only to find out that they will not be going because there are too many people in custody.  This is also frustrating to the person's family and their attorney.

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Making a Law Firm Video

As a criminal defense attorney in Houston,Texas I have appeared on television several times over the years.  So I thought it would be a breeze when we made a few videos for our law firm.  Boy was I wrong.  It is much easier to talk about specific question on television than having to talk about our law firm.  What I thought would take a hour max ended up taking twice the amount of time.   Most interestingly, was that the Spanish videos were the easiest to do.

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Referrals are the Lifeblood for Criminal Lawyers

As Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers we get most of our clients via referrals.  I would say over fifty per cent of our clients come from previous clients referring their friend or family members to our law firm.  While fellow attorneys refer us cases I must admit that I prefer one from a former client.  Aside from the obvious benefit of this is that the satisfying feeling we get when hear that a former client speaks highly enough that someone desires our services.  I can assure you that having a former client that was delighted with our representation is one of most gratifying parts of our job.

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From Loan to Lease to Theft In Houston.

It is always best to read over any document that you sign more then once to completely understand it or at the least least take someone with you that can help you catch something that you may have missed otherwise.  There will always be deceitful companies that try to take advantage of people when they are down and vulnerable.  I experienced this type of underhanded behavior when I was prosecutor.  I had to routinely refuse charges when rental agencies brought charges against the people that had leased furniture from them despite the payments made exceeding full market value, but for one reason or the other could not make their monthly payments any longer.  Similarly, an unscrupulous loan company has a clause in their no interest contracts stating that if all payments are not made the loan turns into a lease at any time.  These people lose all the money that they have paid and could potentially be charged with theft if they keep the property without making the revised payments since the loan/lease company has a greater right of ownership.  While this behavior is deplorable I can see it happening.  Luckily, anyone charged with a crime is PRESUMED to be INNOCENT. 

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The Impact of the Recession on Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys

When I became a criminal defense attorney in Houston over ten years ago I was told that our area of law is recession proof.  This was not the reason why I entered criminal law.  In the past, I never took the economy into account.  However, the media shows different companies failing daily.  That made me reflect on what I was told when we started our Houston Criminal Defense law firm.  I must admit that when the downturn started I was apprehensive on how the legal field would be impacted by the recession. Surprisingly, our criminal defense practice has seen a steady increase of business during this time.  Perhaps, our field of law is recession proof... it looks to be the case so far.

Over the years,  I have realized that when we do outstanding work our clients recommend us to their friends and family when they need help with a criminal matter.  I always feel humbled when a previous client recommends us.  It says a lot about the work we did for them.   It tells me not only that we did a great job for them, but that they trust us enough to represent a friend and/or family member with their freedom.  We understand the stress and the feeling of uncertainty that someone is experiencing when they are charged with a crime and strive to relieve them of these feelings. 

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The time has come for the Harris County District Attorney's Office to start using 12.44(b) punishment.

This session the Texas legislature is considering reducing the punishment of possession of less then a gram of a penalty group 3 drug like cocaine from a state jail felony to a misdemeanor.  In fact, Judge McSpadden, presiding judge of the 209th District Court of Harris County, has been promoting this change in the past and now has the support of his colleagues.  Unfortunately, the Harris County District Attorney's Office does not agree.  Our elected District Attorney has a bigger picture in mind.  That sounds very comforting, but most people want instant results.   If she is concerned about jail overcrowding how about using the tool that the Texas legislature has already given them in the form of "12.44" punishment more readily. 

Sec. 12.44.  REDUCTION OF STATE JAIL FELONY PUNISHMENT TO MISDEMEANOR PUNISHMENT.  (a)  A court may punish a defendant who is convicted of a state jail felony by imposing the confinement permissible as punishment for a Class A misdemeanor if, after considering the gravity and circumstances of the felony committed and the history, character, and rehabilitative needs of the defendant, the court finds that such punishment would best serve the ends of justice.

(b)  At the request of the prosecuting attorney, the court may authorize the prosecuting attorney to prosecute a state jail felony as a Class A misdemeanor.

It is a shame that prosecutors in Harris County, Texas dismiss more cases than offering a "12.44(b)."  Surprisingly, new felony prosecutors feel like there is an office policy against this type of punishment.  I have never know this to be the case, but most prosecutors are extremely reluctant to extend the offer and are surprised when I request one.  I have never known a real reason for this other then "we do not do that in Harris County."  The jail overcrowding issue could be addressed by implementing a new attitude towards 12.44(b) punishment and accepting charges for low level marijuana charges when a police officer decides to give someone a citation to appear for court instead of arresting them.

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Cheers to 2008.

I would to thank my clients, my staff, my peers, and all those that I associate with at the Houston Criminal Courthouse, on making 2008 a successful year for me.  I am even more grateful this year to see our business grow when many others have failed.  Wishing everyone a prosperous 2009!


The police are knocking at my door...I think I am a suspect.

Mr. Y came into our office because the police has been trying to get in touch with him. He had an idea what it is concerning, but was not sure if he should explain to the police what happened. The short answer is Do NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT TALKING TO AN ATTORNEY FIRST.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston I come across people that do not follow this advice and pay dearly for it later.  For some reason, people think that they can explain their way out of situation by talking to police.  Typically, people end up getting charged for a crime that the police did not have enough evidence for a conviction before they started talking. Keep in mind that in the United States you have the right not to incriminate yourself. Use that right before talking to the police and you will make your life much easier.

 After speaking to us Mr. Y took our advice and was never charged with a crime.

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Getting your bond reduced in Harris County Texas

In a lot of instances a court will initially set a very high amount in a case. For example, in a theft case where the value of the alleged property that was stolen is one hundred thousand ($100,000) the court will routinely double that amount and set the bond at two hundred thousand ($200,000). However, if you hire a lawyer before raising the money to bond the person out of jail the lawyer should be able to go to the court and have the bond reduced to a more reasonable amount. In the above scenerio a lawyer would be able to save you thousands of dollars when making a bond. Typically, a bonding company will charge you a 10% fee for bonding someone out of jail. The two hundred thousand dollar bond will cost you twenty thousand dollars and the one hundred thousand dollar bond will cost you ten thousand dollars. Thus,hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston will pay for itself by getting the bond reduced in addition to all the other things they can do for you.  This is an example of where this was done.

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