Can I Have WD40?

I am amazed by some of the misinformation I have heard over the years from jail inmates. The county jail is filled with jailhouse lawyers who are more than willing to spread their knowledge or lack of it.

It is important to that if you are charged with a criminal offense to have as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision about the future of your life. Your attorney must evaluate the evidence and discuss your case with you and the possible strategies they intend to use in your defense. Further, in the information and internet age in which we live it is pretty easy to get a general understanding of what you are charged with.

If you have spent anytime in a criminal courthouse you will no doubt be familiar with Section 12.44(a) in the Texas Penal Code.  Often times people in jail request 12.44 (a) because it allows a court to punish a defendant who is convicted of a state jail felony by imposing the confinement
permissible as punishment for a Class A misdemeanor. So instead of going to the State Jail the defendant will do his time in the county jail, closer family and receive 2 days credit for every day served, rather than day for day credit.

The other day I overheard an attorney speaking with his client in the holdover cell. His client was faced with a State Jail Felony Offense of Possession of Less Than a Gram of Cocaine. She was hoping to do county time and asked whether her attorney could "give me some of that 12.44." She later asked for a W2. She no doubtedtly was referring to 12.44(a) not a tax form or a lubricating spray for a squeaky door.

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