DWI Warning: Don't let July 4th Fireworks Cloud Your Judgement!

 I know that you are proud of the country that you live in and want to celebrate on the upcoming July 4th holiday. But as you celebrate, be aware that the Texas Department of Public Safety will be watching you as you watch the fireworks overhead.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will be increasing its patrols and will be directing its focus on alcohol related driving violations. According to TxDOT, the holiday weekend that includes Independence Day is one of the deadliest of the year as a result of alcohol related crashes. To insure the public's safety, state troopers as well as local law enforcement will be cracking down on those drivers in violation of Texas DWI laws. In 2012, the ten day crack down resulted in over 1200 alcohol related arrests with additional citations being written for speeding, seat belts, and various other infractions.

I love celebrating this holiday, as most Americans do. But one single bad decision can be life changing, so use caution as you celebrate.

  • If you are attending a celebration away from home, pre-arrange sober transportation. Either designate a sober driver or plan access to public transportation or taxis. Have the phone number in your phone or accessible to you.
  • If you are hosting a celebration, have those same numbers available and gather guest car keys when they arrive. Being a 'party pooper' could save lives.
  • Never get in a car with an intoxicated driver. By putting your life at risk with an intoxicated driver, you are also enforcing his/her belief in their ability to drive. And remember, its not just your life at risk, it is the life of everyone else on the roadways.
  • Consider your passengers. If you are driving the family home from a celebration, consider the young passengers that are not old enough to dissent. Also, any intoxicated passengers may not be in the position to make rational decisions pertaining to their own safety.

In the ten day period from June 28 to July 7, DPS will be doing their best to assure your safety. So celebrate safely and wisely. Those lights behind you should be fireworks.....not those on a patrol car.

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