How a DWI Conviction in Texas Affects Your Auto Insurance?

 If you are charged and convicted of DWI, DUI or driving under the influence, it will not only affect your personal and professional life, but your auto insurance policy will also get affected. DWI or driving while intoxicated in Texas has several consequences. Apart from fines and possible jail time, you can expect your automobile insurance rates to go up after a DWI conviction in the state of Texas. In some cases, your insurance provider may simply cancel your policy altogether. This can be a huge problem as finding a new insurance provider on affordable rats will become next to impossible for you.

First of all, when your insurance provider finds out about your DWI conviction, your insurance premiums will be raised by placing you in the higher risk category. This category marks you as a “high-risk driver” and insurance companies consider people involved in accidents, especially recently, to fall in this category. High risk drivers have to pay sky high insurance premiums, and other companies may not issue you an insurance policy at all.

This rise in the insurance premium is not the only risk you will have to face after a DWI conviction. The state of Texas, along with several other states, require that your insurance company provide the state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) an SR-22 proof of insurance. This proof of insurance is required by law before any suspension related to your DWI can be lifted. The problem with providing an SR-22 policy is that most insurance providers do not provide it. If your insurer is one of those, you will have to have your insurance policy cancelled and replace the existing auto insurance policy with a new one. Finding a new affordable insurance provider at this time will not be an easy task, especially one which also provides an SR-22 proof of insurance.

Your new insurance provider will obtain a record of all your traffic violations before issuing your new policy, and this will most likely include your DWI conviction. When they find out about the drunk driving conviction, you might still be able to get an insurance policy, but you will end up paying very high premiums.

Your first priority after a DWI charge should be to get in touch with a professional DWI lawyer in Texas who has experience handling all matters related to DWI defense. Your lawyer will represent you in the ALR (Administrative License Revocation) proceeding, as well as in the criminal hearings of your case. He will fight to reduce your charges to a minimum, if any, or have them removed completely by proving you not guilty in court. Once a DWI charge becomes a DWI conviction, by proving you guilty in court, it adds a permanent mark on your criminal record. Hiring a good lawyer at the right time will save you all the trouble you will be going through later on.

If you need to talk to a lawyer please do not hesitate to contact me, Herman Martinez, at (713) 242-1779.

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