Texas Going Another Round With Marijuana Law

After failing during the last legislative session to make marijuana for medical purposes legal Texas is going another route.  Perhaps, the motivation for Houston Representative Harold Dutton's bill to change the punishment from a Class "B" misdemeanor to a Class "C" misdemeanor is because of the jail over crowding he witnesses in Harris County, Texas.  Another reason could be that he is frustrated with our local District Attorney's Office refusal to follow the law that was created several years ago that allows a police officer to give a person a citation to appear in court instead of arresting the person when they are charged with being in possession of a small amount of the "wacky weed."  Personally, I do not understand why someone in Houston, Texas is arrested for possessing marijuana while a person in one of the other cities that follow the law does not get arrested for the same offense.  By changing the punishment of the crime the bill insures that everyone will be treated similarly throughout the state.

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Kim - March 9, 2011 8:28 PM

Herman I appreciate your comments and am in agreement with you. In regards to the jail overcrowding, you could not be more right on, and very little discussion is given to the COST.

Randy - May 31, 2011 6:48 AM

Jail overcrowdinng. That's a joke. That should not be the reasoning behind this. If alcohol consumption is not a crime cannabis use can not be one either. Thousands of people die, each year because of alcohol related accidents or overdoses. While I have never heard of a marijuana overdose. People don't smoke cannibis and beat their wife and kids. I believe in Texas the second largest industry next to oil is the prison system. They regard cannabis a schedule 1 drug. Cocaine is a schedule 2 and is used for medicinal purposes in some cases. So they're telling us marijuana is in the same class of drug and heroin. That's absurd. Our last 3 presidents used of cannabis. I thought Texas took pride in being a small government state? I feel as the government here in the " great state of Texas" is more restrictive than any other place I have been. Countless millions of tax payer dollars can be saved by legalizing a far less harmless drug than alcohol. Not to mention all for money state and make by leagalizing and taxing a substance far less dangerous than asprin. I feel its the governments duty to leagalize cannabis on just national security issues alone as in my opinion the borders would be a whole lot safer. I can go on and on, but we must start by educating the public.

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